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New Debt Collection Business


If you are a new Collection Agency or want to become an independently licensed Collection Agency company, we have the ability to offer you full Collection Agency company set-up assistance through our network of partners.

With our network of partners, we have negotiated one low price that lets you:

Incorporate in the state of your choice
Register in your home state
SS-4 Application for Federal Employer Identification Number
Minutes of First Meeting of Directors
Minutes of First Meeting of Shareholders
25102(f) Stock Issuance & Statement by Domestic Stock Corporation (If in California)
2553 S-Corp Election by a Small Business Corporation (Federal)
Issuance of Stock Certificate
Collection Agency License application for the State of your choosing


Call us today at 1-888-315-0805 to discuss your Collection Agency company goals.


"I was referred to Janet by another company. I obtained my license and Janet did it quick, the price was fair and my application did not even get any conditions. I received my license and I am very satisfied with the work they did. Thank You.”